In the most recent Global House Price Index, Turkey was ranked first.

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Turkey top the annual rankings, according to Knight Frank’s newest Global House Price Index for Q2, 2020, with prices up 25% year-on-year. However, it’s worth remembering that inflation is now hovering about 12%. This quarter, European countries account for eight of the top ten rankings, with Baltic and Central and Eastern European countries prominently represented.
Three countries that were regarded to have dealt with the pandemic most efficiently, New Zealand, Germany, and South Korea, had mixed results. Germany has yet to release its Q2 figures, while New Zealand dropped from second to eleventh place in the rankings between March and June despite still recording 9% annual price growth, and South Korea, whose annual price growth was anemic at 0.1 percent in Q1, has seen annual price growth pick up to 1.3 percent. lease to own qatar

The following are some of the key findings from the Global Index:
The average annual change in prices across 56 countries and territories is 4.7 percent.
In the year leading up to Q2 2020, Turkey tops the annual rankings.
In the top ten annual rankings, eight European countries appear.
In terms of annual price increases, New Zealand is Asia-best Pacific’s performer.
In Q2 2020, yearly price reductions were recorded in 9% of nations and territories.
According to Knight Frank, these trends indicate that the pandemic’s influence on global property markets will be erratic and irregular. The health of the housing market prior to the epidemic, the length and intensity of the lockdown, and each country’s or territory’s reliance on overseas demand, which has dried up in recent months due to travel restrictions, will all play a role.
What to look out for in Q3 2020:
Is there any evidence of a link between the length and severity of lockdowns and price performance?
If national statistics offices increase their reporting rates as the number of national lockdowns decreases, or if indices are paused owing to a lack of transactions,
If tourism-dependent markets with a large share of second houses see slower price increase,

The World’s Best Retirement Destinations in 2019 Have Been Revealed.
Panama is the best place to retire in the world.
The world’s top 10 retirement destinations, according to International Living’s freshly issued Annual Global Retirement Index for 2019, are:

#3 Mexico #8 Peru #4 Ecuador #9 Thailand #5 Malaysia #10 Spain #1 Panama #6 Colombia #2 Costa Rica #7 Portugal #3 Mexico #8 Peru #4 Ecuador #9 Thailand #5 Malaysia #10 Spain

Panama, the winner of the 2019 Global Retirement Index, has been a consistent performer in the Index over the past ten years, rising from third place to claim the top spot.
The Central American jewel crams a lot into its little footprint: a fast-paced, colorful capital city, palm-fringed beaches, and wooded valleys with year-round spring temperatures. Its Pensionado program is what makes it genuinely unique. The Pensionado visa is given to anyone with a monthly lifetime pension of above $1,000 to entice retirees to the country. Seniors can also get discounts on a variety of goods and services, including as medical consultations and cinema tickets, through the program.
“It’s really thrilling for me to be here today because Panama City is an international capital that’s coming into its own,” says International Living Panama Editor Jessica Ramesch. “It’s a well-known business destination with excellent infrastructure, particularly in terms of cellular and internet access. It’s the busiest air hub in the region, the only metro line in Central America, and the only city in the region with its own rainforest “ Few people realize, however, that this is also a cultural capital. Every art form is honored in Panama City, which is home to busy, lively populations from all over the world “This is a global metropolis where an ocean view condo can be rented for as low as $1,500 per month. Where else can you get so much for such a small sum of money? Consider the advantages. This is Central America’s sole First World city. We’re close to both the United States and Canada (Miami is about three hours away by plane). Panama is tropical and warm, though it lies outside of the hurricane belt. The US dollar is the official currency. The tax burden is manageable. There is a sizable English-speaking community, which includes a number of top-notch doctors.”
Panama took the top rank in 2019 as a global hub with a flourishing economy, bursting with energy and opportunity. All of this adds up to a business-friendly locale that is a deserved winner of International Living’s Annual Global Retirement Index 2019.



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