Commercial Investment in 2013 was $549 billion dollars.

According to Jones Lang LaSalle, global commercial real estate investment volumes hit $549 billion in 2013, up 18% from the previous year.
Due to improved global economic conditions and more liquidity, investment volumes in the fourth quarter alone totaled $183 billion, up 31% from the previous quarter, according to the corporation. The statistic for the fourth quarter was 13% higher than the same period the previous year. apartments for rent qatar

According to JLL, the recovery in global property markets is due to more optimistic economic expectations and investor confidence.
“The desire of investors to hold hard income producing assets, alongside and in some cases in preference to more liquid investment possibilities, is undoubtedly benefiting real estate,” Arthur de Haast, lead director, International Capital Group at JLL, said in the research. “Experienced investors’ eagerness to look at alternatives that involve additional asset management or more imaginative solutions has helped push 2013 volumes over our early projections.”
With 26% of worldwide investment volume, the Asia Pacific region led the way, with volumes reaching $124 billion in 2007. The Japanese market, which saw a 63 percent gain in terms of dollars, led the region’s investment expansion. In 2013, China’s investment increased by 66 percent, while Australia’s increased by 30 percent.
In 2013, investment volumes in the Americas climbed by 18%, reaching $240 billion. Both the United States and Canada had a 20 percent gain, but Latin America’s Brazil market had a particularly slow year.
Investment volumes in Europe were $184 billion in 2013, up 14% from the previous year, with European markets posting some of their strongest performance since 2007. The United Kingdom and Germany rose by 19% and 17%, respectively.
“While overall global capital flows have remained substantially below peak levels with minimal growth in recent years, real estate continues to witness an increase in capital flows between countries and regions,” said David Green-Morgan, Global Capital Markets Research Director at JLL. “Investors are increasingly looking for opportunities outside of their home markets, and this trend is unlikely to reverse in the short to medium term.”
JLL predicts a 14% increase in worldwide commercial property investment volumes in 2014, surpassing $600 billion for the first time at $625 billion. The Americas are predicted to see the most growth, at 20%, thanks to increased economic growth, less political distractions, and improved liquidity.
“Europe is predicted to have an extraordinarily good first quarter of 2014,” according to the research, “supporting a 10% year-on-year growth in 2014.” “Given the improved global economic recovery and strong demand from local investors, Asia Pacific markets are likely to sustain their pace into 2014, supporting an overall prediction of 10% growth in volumes in the area.”

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